Lashes Of The Sea

Version - 0.1 Prototype
Unreal Engine





Ohh.. you want to join our crew.. do ya? What's that? You are saying you were a famous captain of a slave trading ship? Had a huge crew and were surrounded by women were you? UUUHHHH... Black-Beard himself would probably tremble just hearing your name, won't he? - Any ID? No? You lost it when your ship got blown up? - Yes.. very sad... - anyway... - No one here cares what you were, maggot. You are what you have and... you seem to have only the magical power of... nothing! - Lucky for you though, we just lost a mate. And you seem to have all your limbs so... I will give you a CHANCE to prove youself as not-completely-useless. And who knows.. maybe one day... you will even have someone under your athoraty... maybe... but for now...

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