Submissive Married Woman Agent Shion ~Undercover Investigator vs. Brainwashing Manipulation Violation!

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Nose Shigeyuki is a middle-aged man who works part-time at a convenience store. Recently, he started having a recurring erotic dream. In this dream, he humiliates into submission a feisty-looking black-haired beauty with huge breasts. - His boring daily life goes on while troubled by these mysterious dreams. Until one night, at the convenience store, he sees a woman who looks exactly the beauty in his dreams shopping with what seems to be her husband. - In order to confirm whether or not what he saw was really just a dream, he leaves the convenience store and follows the couple as if compelled by something. - "I'm going back to buy something I forgot, you go ahead and prepare the bath." The gorgeous woman uttered those words and walked into a side street alone. Just like that, he followed her on a whim.

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