My Grandmother ~Grandma, you're wet~

Version - Final





Rumiko's husband passes away leaving her all alone and depressed, worried about her well-being, Rumiko's daughter, Mimi and her family move to her house and start living with her. - Koujiro, Mimi's son and Rumiko's Grandson is very attached to his Grandma, constantly fawning over her. - One day while feeling lonely, Rumiko decides to console herself. To her dismay, she is caught in the act by her Grandson, Koujiro. - Koujiro begins rubbing his crotch right in front of Rumiko, to her surprise. "I'll help" says Rumiko, she can't resist the urge welling up inside her. - During the act she sees an illusion of her late husband reflected of Koujiro... - She knows she shouldn't, but the image of her late husband and the cuteness of her Grandson are impossible to resist... Or perhaps is something else...โ€‹

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