Warlock and Boobs

Version - 0.432.0.2 with RTP





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Version 0.432.0.2 with RTP
Developer boobsgames SubscribestarBoostyItch.io
OS Windows
Language English, Russian
Thread Updated 2024-02-12



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(continue) There is a quest in which a character tells you to find out where a girl is going in the evening. You go around the whole city, look in every room and nothing. I only found her much later randomly when I was walking in a forest where there are slimes and very far from the city. Then the quest disappears from the list. You have no reward, no indication of what to do next. Quest says to find someone to help repair your house, you talk to everyone in the village and nothing. I gave up playing! There are no animations, the writing is terrible. It has no sexual appeal. You certainly need a walkthough to play this. I recommend other games: Imouto! Life ~Fantasy~, Bad Bobby Saga, Duality, Bones' Tales: The Manor, Daily Lives of My Countryside, Summertime Saga, The Demon's Stele And The Dog Princess, Train Capacity 300%


(v. 0357) The game has music, sound effects... sounds of moans, voice over with some small phrases, laughter, sounds of penis sucking etc. Some very explicit flirting options appear, such as: can I stick my penis in your mouth? Can I fuck your tits? and the characters just say no as if it were a normal thing to ask. You kill a slime then you get the option to have sex with the slime. You click yes, then we see an animation with the characters in pixel art, and a static drawing in the foreground. has sounds. But it's very boring. You walk into your neighbor's house and the girl is sticking a vibrator up her anus. It has moaning sounds, and the only animation is in very tiny pixel art that you can barely understand. and a static drawing in the foreground without animation.


Super fun game, kinda boring combat but with some spicy animation makes it pretty interesting to play 8/10


As I said before, if you consider playing the game, use a guide of some sort, otherwise you'll do things you don't need to do and waste time. Otherwise a good game


The game seems to be hard to progress in, after putting down atleast one hour or so, it seems like you don't gain experiance points from finishing battle's which seems to be unintentional. The quality is there, but progression needs some work


This game is simply amazing. Its a very interesting take of the Stardew Valley genre. In Warlock and Boobs you live in a tiny village with plenty of hot women and some guys. Each day has a morning, a daytime, evening and night. And all the characters have some script to follow for each day and time period. The complexity this creates is fantastic and very engaging because you want to explore the nearby villages or other maps to see what is happening. Besides this, there are relationship status with almost every character, and by helping them, doing quests etc, you get to open new dialog, sexual dialog that rewards you in scenes. And there is A LOT of scenes here, I'm am shocked by the number of art this game has, and not in a boring gallery, but actually integrated with the gameplay, since you can have sex with every enemy and you need to collect something from them this way. This has great potential, and I'm eager to see the full release.


i cant never get past the short urls link in any of these games. it says i hava adblock turned on, I DID NOT. i dont even have adblock installed. Sigh, the old site seems much better than this new one. (because its working)