Welcome to the Adventurer's Inn 2!

Version - 20230927 + Patch 1





“Welcome, this is the Adventurer’s Inn. - For our female guests, we offer our proud ‘meals.’ - All made with fresh ingredients we’ve sourced from dungeons and the city. - Once we add our ‘secret seasoning,’ they’re ready to go. - Rest peacefully in your room until tomorrow morning. - If you’re not feeling well, we can also provide nursing care. - For our male guests, there are also ‘special services’ available. - Our beautiful staff will serve you with all their hearts. - Please don’t hesitate to call upon them during your stay. - Now, please enjoy your pleasant time with us――”​

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Version 20230927 + Patch 1
Developer peperoncino Ci-en
OS Windows
Language English, Japanese, Chinese
Thread Updated 2023-10-15



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(continue) It has voice over and is well done, but the image is always the same and all the action is described by text. Then she leaves and next time, another image is unlocked. It's all very automatic! Then you quickly get bored with the game. I suggest these others: "Imouto! Life ~Fantasy~", "Train Capacity 300% 2" and even "Groper of Glory" which is not so easy to learn how to play, but has more challenging gameplay.


The game has music, sound effects, a voice over in Japanese which is good, it has a quick menu with AUTO and we can speed up the dialogues by pressing CTRL. The game reminds me of Beel Ze Bub's games: "Train capacity 300%" and "Groper of Glory", but the gameplay is much worse than those two. Here, you manage an INN, but you don't actually have a strategy. You get upgrades on rooms and food, so female travelers decide to rent a room. You can get upgrades with materials when you choose the "Go to purchage" mode, then open a map and choose the location. Then follows an automatic fight scene, where you gain loot to upgrade from the monsters you defeat. You can also hire more soldiers. And you can choose "Open the Inn" to attract women. You choose to drug them, and then you can go to the room and a still image with the MC abusing the girl appears.