A Princess' Tale

Version - Alpha 2





Helia is a Princess of the Gelud Kingdom, with three siblings older than her who are all accomplished people. - The firstborn is the commander of the Army, the secondborn is the Royal Scholar who leads the researchers of the kingdom and the thirdborn is a genius engineer/artisan who is renowned throughout the land. - Typically, Helia would be overshadowed by this if not for the fact that the King, Queen, and her siblings all pampered her silly right from the cradle! - As such, the princess grows up rude, selfish, and stuck up, always getting her way with a little tantrum. - It is precisely because of this upbringing that she completely breaks when war strikes Gelud by the stronger Kerwan Empire, as she and her family are executed in public. - However, the fates are suspiciously kind! - Helia finds herself awakening in her body on the day 3 months before the war is declared, and with her new chance at life, will she be able to change the fate of her loved ones?​

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