Age of Barbarians Chronicles

Version - 0.7.7





The world is old... ancient. - The stories about to be told are lost in the nights of time. - Two moons still shone in the sky, and the world was prehistoric. - Only Atlan, the land of the created, carried with it glimmers of civilization. - But it was already too ancient, decadent, and would soon disappear forever. - So let me tell you about the memories of those ancestral times. - The chronicles of men and women who fought, prayed, loved, and hated so that all would not be lost. - Let me tell you, The Barbarians' chronicles.​

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Version 0.7.7
Developer Crian Soft
OS Windows
Language English
Thread Updated 2023-06-18



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It's a very good game, however, i found some bugs that sadly made me delete it from my PC, some parts of the game shows there are enemies left to beat, but the enemies simply dont show up, even though i tried to reinstall 3 times, this bug persists.