Milk Maidens

Version - 0.2





Gather round one and all! And let old Goblincore tell you a tale of love! lust! loyalty! And so. many. TIDDIES! - I mean big ones! Small ones! Perky ones! Mas-… but I digress… - Milk Maidens is the name of this tale! - An invading army of unprecedented scale has ravaged the Kingdom of Aegundar! - Over the course of the conflict they’ve managed to bring most of the country to its knees, even the King himself has had to go to the front lines in an effort to halt the invasion. - But this isn’t a war story, for the most part anyway… - This is the story of a mother and son fleeing the conflict after the man of the house left with the kings army. - The story begins with a convoy of refugees fleeing through the mountains, to the untouched southern reaches of the country, where they can (hopefully) live out the rest of the war in peace.

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