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Living a relatively peaceful student life with your family, nothing too out of the ordinary. Nothing, until following your parents' divorce 5 years prior, Mom had to take on a job as a fashion designer, it started as a regular desk job but as she loved making her own designs, eventually she got noticed by the company and quickly started getting promotions. - Recently, Mom got into the international branch, forcing her on regular business trips, which leaves you and your sisters to take care of all the house chores, a concept completely foreign up until now. - Worryingly, there's news and rumors of mysterious kidnappings around town, and so far, all victims have been young females, which understandably prompts worry among your sisters and classmates. - Will you take it unto yourself to look into these cases? Will the life you find there temp you with its promises? Or will you fight to protect your pleasant student life and your loved ones? - The answer is up to you.​

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